TE Technology

Thermoelectric systems are solid-state devices that directly convert electrical energy into temperature differential without the use of gases, compressors or any other moving parts.A standard thermoelectric system consists of: Cold side and hot side heat sink assemblies with or without fans Thermoelectric (Peltier) cooling modules Temperature controller Power supply The only moving parts are fans, […]

Technology Advantages

The use of thermoelectric systems often provides the ONLY solution to many difficult thermal management problems. Low Maintenance: With virtually no moving parts and no gasses or fluorocarbons, thermoelectric systems are simple to maintain. Compact: Thermoelectric systems are smaller and lighter than comparable mechanical systems. Precise: Due to low thermal mass and the possibility of […]

Peltier Effect

In 1834, French physicist Jean Peltier discovered that when an electrical current is passed through a circuit made of dissimilar conducting materials, heat is absorbed at one junction and given up at the other. This phenomenon is known as the “Peltier Effect.” Evolving from Peltier’s original discovery, today’s  hermoelectric modules (TEMs) are highly efficient heat […]

Liquid Cooling Plates

Cool Technology Solutions: Cold plates for Microprocessors, Power Electronics (Diode Modules, IGBT), Thermoelectric Modules, and Laser Our specialty is development and implementation of various Submerged Jets Cooling Technologies including our own main technology: Swirling Jet-Steams™. Unique cold plates, heat exchangers, and heat sinks that utilize these break-thru patent-pending technologies allow pushing your electronic equipment beyond […]

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