The right choice of fins type and material of heat sink is the most effective way to build right solution for passive cooling

There are different types of fins having different thermal, pressure, mechanical characteristics and cost: extrusion, bonded fins, folded fins, stacked and skived fins. Each type has its advantages and limitations.

Thermal technologies are continuously improving and we always take care to be at the forefront of technology. In many cases we combine heat sinks with heat pipe or vapor chamber to reach optimal performances.

We at Double Check design heat sinks exactly meeting your thermal and economical requirements. We do this after collecting all the required thermal and engineering data, using thermal calculations and simulations to maximize performance. We provide customize solution for you, manufacture, prototypes and supply production quantities on a regular basis.

As part of our service, we offer to our customers optimization of the heat sinks that they are currently used in their products. Performance Improvement will upgrade your product and give you an edge in the market over competitors and even open up additional markets.

We will be happy if you will contact us to get a quote for heat sink either that you currently use in order to reduce cost and improve performances or thermal solution for your new product.

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