TEG Thermo Electric Generator

Thermoelectric Generator for EV
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Thermoelectric Generator for EV

Our unique Thermoelectric Power Generator converts relatively small temperature differences existing in EV into electrical power.
Our Power Generator is based on an optimal combination of technologies: Thermoelectric and aluminum Vapor Chamber – TVC.
The Generator consists of the following main parts:

  • Thermoelectric Power Generating Modules
  • Aluminum Vapor Chamber connecting the Power Generating modules to the Hot parts of EV (motors, external sheet metal parts) and to the ambient air.

Thermoelectric Power Generating Module is solid-state device converting directly temperature differentials into electrical power without the use of gases, compressors or any other moving parts

Power generation system from temperature difference in electric vehicles – are very rare due to the fact that the electric motors of EV do not produce as high temperature as the combustion motors of regular vehicles
Additional electrical power provided by Thermoelectric Generator reduces load on the batteries system and extends the driving range of the vehicle.

Use of our unique solution provides significant advantages for the vehicle users around the world and makes EVs much more attractive!

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