Double Check Thermal Solutions, Ltd. specializes in the development, design, engineering and manufacturing of high efficient cooling/heating systems and products, for thermal management purposes serving numerous commercial and industrial, biotechnological and other applications. DC’s products are a break-through in thermal technologies utilizing innovative high efficiency solutions. These solutions, are characterized as compact, highly accurate, extremely reliable and environmentally friendly. DC customized and off-the-shelf thermal products are ideal solutions for many global clients and manufacturers (OEM) varying from start-up to established companies of a broad range of fields: Electronics, Electro-Optics, Telecommunications, Medical Equipment, Computer Technology, Defense and Avionics, Food & Catering, Chemical Industry, Scientific and Laboratory Equipment, Consumer Products and more. DC sees the importance of partnership with our customers to achieve common goals and to best serve their defined application needs. DC’s team of professionals includes engineers, technicians and experts in design prototyping, manufacturing and production. Together with innovative yet practical approaches to cutting-edge design and manufacturing techniques, they better serve the customers, and understand their application needs and requirements.

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