Thermal Design

We at Double Check specialize in the development and design of thermal management systems, serving many customers worldwide from various industries.

Our experienced, innovative and interdisciplinary team own strong, thermal, thermoelectric, manufacturing skills dedicated to providing you with the services that suite your application and requirements.

Our services include the use of:

· State-of-the-Art Thermal Analysis

· Heat Pipes and Vapor Chamber Design

· Phase Change Materials (PCM) and PCM based Heat Exchangers

· Thermoelectric System Design and Development

· Heat Sink Design and Development

· Testing and Evaluation of Thermal Management Systems

· Arrangement of Research Projects for Cooling of Electronics

· Telecommunications indoor/outdoor applications.

· Large to Small Enclosure Cooling Using: Air Conditioning, Heat Exchangers, Phase Change Materials

· and/or fully passive systems Liaison with CFD and Heat Sink Manufacturers

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