Personal Virus Eliminating Ventilation Device for Air Passengers

Advanced Battery Thermal Management System

30% – More Performance & Baterry Life Time

The Advanced Battery Thermal
Management System

The Advanced Battery Thermal Management System for EV

Performance and Life Time of Li-Ion batteries used in most EV are very sensitive to temperature.

  • Batteries exposed to hot temperatures, lose their ability to store energy and their life time is shortened dramatically.
  • At low temperatures, batteries do not produce their full power and vehicle performances are dramatically reduced.

We offer an advanced & unique system, which allows keeping the temperature of the batteries in their optimal range – between
20 0C and 350C.

Our system is based on an optimal combination of technologies: Thermoelectric and aluminum Vapor Chamber – TVC.
Temperature controlled selectively in different modules inside the battery compartment and allowing supply of cooling or heating power locally only where the temperature of the batteries “exceeded” the optimal field thus improving the efficiency of the system.
Use of our unique solution provides significant advantages for the vehicle users around the world and makes EVs much more attractive.

TVC Thermal Managing System Saves battery power, extends driving range of the vehicle and Battery Life Time by 30%.

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