Thermal design

We at Double Check specialize in the development and design of thermal management systems, serving many customers worldwide from various industries.

Our experienced, innovative and interdisciplinary team own strong, thermal, thermoelectric, manufacturing skills dedicated to providing you with the services that suite your application and requirements.

Our services include the use of:

· State-of-the-Art Thermal Analysis

· Heat Pipes and Vapor Chamber Design

· Phase Change Materials (PCM) and PCM based Heat Exchangers

· Thermoelectric System Design and Development

· Heat Sink Design and Development

· Testing and Evaluation of Thermal Management Systems

· Arrangement of Research Projects for Cooling of Electronics

· Telecommunications indoor/outdoor applications.

· Large to Small Enclosure Cooling Using: Air Conditioning, Heat Exchangers, Phase Change Materials

· and/or fully passive systems Liaison with CFD and Heat Sink Manufacturers

Prototype Design

DC’s team of professionals includes engineers, technicians and experts in design prototyping, manufacturing and production. Together with innovative yet practical edge design and manufacturing techniques, they better serve -approaches to cuttingrs, and understand their application needs and requirements.the custome

Mass production

Double Check Thermal Solutions, Ltd. specializes in the development, design, engineering and manufacturing of high efficient cooling/heating systems and products, for thermal management purposes serving numerous commercial and and other applications.industrial, biotechnological

At Double Check we offer cost-reduction manufacturing solutions as well as fabrication, assembly, integration and logistics services.

We provide our manufacturing services to prototype or full-scale production runs, placing great emphasis on product quality, accuracy and adherence to international quality standards.

Double Check is focused on satisfying its clients’ needs, regardless of project size. If you have a gap in your internal resources or a need to improve your engineering capability, contact Double Check today.

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